woman driving in vintage car with the windows rolled down

70s Summer Playlist

I know that podcasts are the hip new thing, but I have to admit: I just can’t seem to get into them.

I know, I know: I probably haven’t found the right one or I’m simply not giving them a fair shot. But every instance that someone talks about listening to a podcast—while doing housework or on a long drive—I choose music every time. My choice probably stems from my days pretending to be a radio DJ and making mix tapes with my younger brother, but I also think that music is just different. Podcasts feed my head; music feeds my soul.

Enter our Mix Tape series. Whether you need a break from podcasts or whether you want to be inspired by a new mix of soul-quenching tunes, follow along. I can’t promise the abrupt and screechy transitions that would have accompanied the songs on my original mix tapes, but I can promise songs that, at some point, will be exactly what your heart and soul are looking for.

Up first is a peppy but chill 70s playlist. It’s perfect for summer road trips or simply driving with the windows rolled down. Good thing we have a month of summer left to do just that.

Listen to this 70s playlist on Spotify.

70s Summer Playlist Track List

  1. “Have You Ever Seen the Rain?,” Creedence Clearwater Revival
  2. “Bennie and the Jets,” Elton John
  3. “Straight On,” Heart
  4. “Piano Man,” Billy Joel
  5. “Dreams,” Fleetwood Mac
  6. “The Chain,” Fleetwood Mac
  7. “December, 1963 [Oh What a Night!],” Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons
  8. “The Passenger,” Iggy Pop
  9. “Brandy (You’re a Fine Girl),” Looking Glass
  10. “Rich Girl,” Daryl Hill & John Oates
  11. “Best of My Love,” The Emotions
  12. “Stayin’ Alive,” Bee Gees
  13. “Midnight Train to Georgia,” Gladys Knight & The Pips
  14. “Me and Bobby McGee,” Janis Joplin
  15. “Grease,” Frankie Valli
  16. “American Pie,” Don McLean
  17. “Sultans of Swing,” Dire Straits
  18. “Let It Be,” The Beatles

70s playlist summer road trips spotify

What music are you listening to this summer?

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