get in the best shape of your life

The Best Workouts for Getting in the Best Shape of Your Life

As a former athlete, I have been exercising and working out for nearly two-thirds of my life. Read: I’ve pretty much done it all. I’ve lifted weights, attended exercise classes, run a half-marathon, done high-intensity interval training, swum laps…the list goes on. Two workouts stand head and shoulders above the rest. Do these, and you’ll be on your way to getting in the best shape of your life.

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people running on a bridge

How to Make Exercise a Habit: 10 Tips for Staying Motivated to Work Out

Making time for exercise is hard.

If you’re like me, much of your day is already spoken for. You work 9-to-5 (or some other shift that takes up an entire third of your day), and you somehow manage to eat/sleep/spend time with family/shop for groceries/manage your finances/clean your house/take care of pets/whoknowswhatelse during the precious time that you have left.

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