Hey there! I’m Stephanie, a travel, outdoor, and food enthusiast with an independent and creative spirit. By weekday, I’m a public relations professional working in the southern United States. By weekend and holiday, I’m a 20-something, globetrotting millennial channeling my creativity into art and writing.



Burrow South was created in 2011 as my creative outlet for capturing everyday life in the South. The name derives from my love of home. “Burrow” is a temporary refuge, a home that is actively made, and an underground retreat from the hustle and bustle of life. “South” is the physical South stretching from Texas to Virginia, but it also cultural, rooted in the food, landscape, tradition, and soul that define it. Burrow South is a lifestyle blog where I catalog my adventures big and small—mountains I’ve climbed, cities I’ve explored, and experiences I’ll never forget…and a bit of everyday southern life in between.

Currently, Burrow South is on hiatus while I pursue other passions, but I’m keeping this space around in case I ever decide to revive it. In the meantime, keep up with my life, art, and writing by signing up for my email list.