My Work

I’ve been interested in publishing ever since I was in elementary school. As a kid, I remember trying to make books by writing stories and illustrating them, and I’ve never really stopped. Now, as a 20-something college graduate with a bachelor’s degree in English and art, I spend my days overseeing publications for my alma mater’s largest college, and I write book reviews and other stories as a freelance writer during my spare time. Nothing has changed except that I’m a far better writer and designer than I was when my dream began.

Writing Samples
Book Review: Gutenberg’s Apprentice | BookPage, October 2014
Travel Feature: Grand Canyon, Southern Style | Birmingham magazine, March 2014
Health Feature: Holistic health | Shelby Living, September 2013
Business Feature: Hair on a mission | Shelby Living, September 2013
Business Feature: Rebuilding Haiti | Birmingham magazine, August 2011
Business Feature: Home Movies | Birmingham magazine, August 2011

Editing Samples
Collegian 2016 | The University of Alabama, October 2016
Highlights of the 2014-2015 Season | The University of Alabama, September 2014
Special Section: Best of the Beach | Birmingham magazine, August 2011

Design Samples
Celebrating Excellence 2014 | The University of Alabama, May 2014
Holiday Gift Guide | Tuscaloosa Magazine, Winter 2011

For more samples of my work, please email me. To learn more about my journey, please connect with me on LinkedIn.

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