Studio Playlist

I almost always listen to music when I paint.

Who knows whether the music I choose influences my paintings at all, but I thought you’d enjoy hearing the sounds from my studio all the same!

The last several months, while working on my fall and spring collections, I’ve been listening to this playlist pretty much on repeat. The songs on this studio playlist don’t really have much in common, but they feel very soulful and emotive to me. Must be why I enjoyed listening to them while painting.

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slow and soulful studio playlist

slow and soulful studio playlist
The Bright Light Social Hour

Band Interview: The Bright Light Social Hour

I first learned about The Bright Light Social Hour a few weeks ago when the Austin-based band was featured on The Huffington Post. Intrigued by their music’s focus on millennials, the South, and social justice, I jumped at the chance to interview them. Despite busy schedules and 700 miles between us, band member Jack O’Brien and I spent an afternoon discussing, over the phone, the band’s recent tour of North America and what came out of it—a powerful sophomore album about struggle, but also dreams and looking ahead. I hope you enjoy, and continue, the conversation.

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