Who We Are

Hi there, we’re Burrow South, a community of go-getters seeking endless adventure. Simply put, we believe in


As Leslie Knope says, “We…remember what’s important in life: friends, waffles, work. Or waffles, friends, work. Doesn’t matter, but work is third.” We work hard, but play hard. We eat healthy, but splurge on occasion. We help others, but take time for ourselves, too.[/stnsvn-col-3][stnsvn-col-3]


Good lives don’t just happen. They’re made. By hard work. By good decisions. By being the change you wish to see today. We’re here to help you stay focused, and to inspire and encourage you when life falls short.[/stnsvn-col-3][stnsvn-col-3]


We rejoice in small wins and find beauty in the little things—sunshine, wind, rain. We believe in paying good fortune forward and helping others when life isn’t going their way.[/stnsvn-col-3][/stnsvn-col-row]

girls lying on a truck

If we had to describe ourselves, we’d say that we are


We’re always doing something. Planning, dreaming, trekking. Climbing, learning, making.[/stnsvn-col-4][stnsvn-col-4]


Simple is better. We do what works, and we adapt when life surprises us.[/stnsvn-col-4][stnsvn-col-4]


As in, we’re pleased to meet you! Join us for dinner, or drinks, or both. Let’s get to know one another.[/stnsvn-col-4][stnsvn-col-4]


We’re aware—socially, globally, of little things inspire us. We consider others and think before we act.[/stnsvn-col-4][/stnsvn-col-row]

Sound like you? Let’s be friends! Join the Burrow South community and never miss a thing.


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